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Clinical Castle offers a one-stop solution to help keep yout patients
and healthcare providers safe from infections.

EASE Walls

  • Efficient and Sterile Environments
  • Operating Rooms Staff & Patient Prep Rooms
  • Hybrid Rooms Intensive Care Units

Skytron’s EASE modular system offers a hygienic and healing design for any clinical environment. Our leading solution is great for surgical units, but also suitable to all hospital departments that require easy to clean surfaces with flawless quality. Equipped with a self-supporting substructure and a variety of materials and finishes, the EASE system is certain to set your facility apart from the rest.


with Pūr-led™ Antimicrobial Room Lighting

With the increased complexity of today’s surgical and imaging requirements, coordination of the operating room ceiling space can prove challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Pūr-led™ Vyv Antimicrobial Light

Our Pūr-led™ Series 405nm Vyv antimicrobial lighting provides hospitals and other healthcare environments with superior lighting that kills and stops the growth of viruses including SARS-COV-2 and Influenza-A in a matter of hours. With customized product solutions outside of traditional or standard shapes, sizes or configurations, a project employing Pūr-led™ Lighting can see both timeline compression and cost reduction while improving patient outcomes.

A Continuous Environmental Disinfection Technology:

  • Vyv kills* viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts & mold
  • Meets IEC standards for unrestricted & continuous use
  • With phosphor, the ‘Antimicrobial+Light Mode’ is a single diode, 3000K or 4000K white light that provides general ambient illumination together with a continuous antimicrobial solution
  • Without phosphor, the ‘Enhanced Antimicrobial Mode’ is a saturated violet color, consistent with 405nm wavelength visible light and delivering up to 3X the continuous antimicrobial action
  • Small size enables this antimicrobial spectrum to be used within a variety of applications from small scale product integration to general ambient lighting


    Our UV-C robot’s no-touch technology ensures that all surfaces, even hard to reach and shadowed areas, are effectively disinfected. Best-in-class germicidal energy results in a higher pathogen kill rate when compared to traditional methods and pulsed xenon UV technologies. SmartDosage UV Dose Assurance Technology reduces human error and eliminates danger of under-dosing.