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Clinical Castle offers a one-stop solution to help keep yout patients
and healthcare providers safe from infections.

EASE Walls

  • Efficient and Sterile Environments
  • Operating Rooms Staff & Patient Prep Rooms
  • Hybrid Rooms Intensive Care Units

Skytron’s EASE modular system offers a hygienic and healing design for any clinical environment. Our leading solution is great for surgical units, but also suitable to all hospital departments that require easy to clean surfaces with flawless quality. Equipped with a self-supporting substructure and a variety of materials and finishes, the EASE system is certain to set your facility apart from the rest.


Poured / Seamless / Resilient

Verduren is a fluid-applied, seamless resilient floor covering. It is highly durable, easy to maintain, water-tight and stain/chemically resistant. Verduren is a pourable floor, but not an epoxy: it is 100% all-natural with no plasticizers, so it feels great underfoot, and maintains resiliency, flexibility and self healing dent recovery for the lifetime of the product. It is 100% monolithic. Verduren is Red List-free, PVC free, and has no VOC’s. It has many hygienic properties and is actively anti-microbial, containing an additive that kills bacteria dead when it hits the floor. Verduren installs quickly and is UV-cured and fully operational immediately for heavy traffic. After many years of intensive use Verduren can be re-coated at a fraction of the initial cost.



OR Cockpit+ is a real-time visual management solution for surgery that improves patient safety and process efficiency through increased awareness and the adjustment of behavior and workflow processes. With this system, surgical teams benefit from smart real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and increased work-flow control, all through one central system.


with Indigo Clean Lights

With the increased complexity of today’s surgical and imaging requirements, coordination of the operating room ceiling space can prove challenging. Fortunately, the AirFRAME team is here to help.


AirFRAME is a fully integrated, modular, prefabricated solution designed specifically for operating room ceilings. Our ceilings integrate the structural, air diffusion, and lighting requirements of an operating room into a single system.

 With installation times measured in hours instead of days, a project employing AirFRAME can see both timeline compression and cost reduction while improving patient outcomes.


A Continuous Environmental Disinfection Technology:

  • A ceiling light fixture that uses safe visible light to disinfect
  • Proven, patented technology
  • Automatically, safely and continuously kills harmful bacteria such as C.diff
  • Continuously disinfects the air, and hard and soft surfaces


Our UV-C robot’s no-touch technology ensures that all surfaces, even hard to reach and shadowed areas, are effectively disinfected. Best-in-class germicidal energy results in a higher pathogen kill rate when compared to traditional methods and pulsed xenon UV technologies. SmartDosage UV Dose Assurance Technology reduces human error and eliminates danger of under-dosing.