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Techlem Stretcher’s are Better Stretchers because they roll better, steer better, have more convenient controls,
and provide the best life time value due to their high quality components.
Start with better ingredients and get a better result!

CuVerro Coated® – Anti-microbial side rails and push handles
Similar to stainless but looks like copper

99.9% Effective Against Bacillus


Ophthalmic Stretchers • Mortuary Stretchers • Trauma Stretchers
OB Examination • Electric Stretchers

  • People like a little elbow room. Techlem Stretchers feature a surface that is typically 30” wide – the competition is typically 25”
  • Sturdier and more robust side rails that don’t break under normal use.  Eliminate downtime and needless repairs
  • 316L stainless underpan – not painted like the competitors
  • Techlem only uses Tente Casters – the highest quality of caster in the industry
  • Low height 22” deck height to 32” high
  • Brake and Steer Pedals on all 4 corners

Techlem’s 4 year warranty on parts + Cleartron’s 4 year warranty on service = a Better Warranty